Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I’ve been arrested for DUI?

Review all the paperwork the following day. You should have a document entitled NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUSPEND. Find the box on the second page or back side, complete it, and send it to VT DMV within 7 seven days of your arrest. This is important as it preserves your rights to challenge the police conduct. This is true even if this a first, second, or third offense.

How long should I wait to contact an Attorney?
Not long; in Vermont the Statutes require a person be arraigned on the criminal charge within 21 days if released on a CITATION. In the event a person is detained in police custody, they will be brought to court the next day.
Will my driver’s license be suspended?
If an operator sends in the NOTICE of INTENTION in a timely fashion on a first offense, the driver’s license will not be suspended. However, upon a conviction in criminal court for DUI, your license or privilege to drive in VT will be suspended for a minimum of 90 days and you will be required to complete an Impaired Drivers class. For second and third offenses, the suspensions will be much greater.
What if I am involved in a Crash or Accident?
The officer should give you a CRASH report. If there is an injury or property damage in excess of $3,000.00, the operator will have to complete and file an individual CRASH report. These are available online at VT DMV or at a VT DMV office.